Going In For Bottom Paint

We knew when we bought the boat it was ready for a bottom paint.  It has also been sitting a bit in the warmer So Cal waters so there is a bit of growth on the bottom as well.  This is perfect as we can also get them to go through the boat and tell us about anything that may need addressing.  I’m a bit nervous…the previous owners tell us not to worry if they give us a long list of small things…I am more concerned about a long list of big things!  lol…The boat will be out of commission for a week while this is happening.

First outing on the boat!

We decided to take the boat out with our friends that sold us the boat and their kids.  It would be a good way to start to get to know the boat while under the supervision of an experienced sailor.  We headed out of the harbor under motor, it was evening and it just seemed easier.  Got to the Ocean in about 30 minutes and headed out of the harbor.  Things got pretty bumpy…I was at the tiller and my wife was VERY nervous about it.  I was determined to muddle through.  Our friends didn’t seem phased at all.  I’m not sure if it was to make us comfortable and not freak us out or if they were used to it and we were not.  There were about 4 foot waves, but they were coming from all directions so it felt like war were getting pushed around a bit.  We went out to the buoy and saw the sea lions hanging out there.  Fun stuff.  Then we turned around and headed back and we looked in the distance and saw dolphins!  My wife points way out and says look at them…I look about 10 feet from the boat and saw “Look at them!”.  They were guiding us back into the channel!  They swam right next to the boat all the way into the channel.  Wow.  That was cool!  I had always heard of dolphins having a bond with people but it was cool seeing it firsthand.  So aside from getting a bit freaked out, it was a very successful first outing.  Itching to get the sails up and really take her out.  My goal is to make a run to Catalina in the next few months.  Thats a 24 mile journey from Newport Harbor.  Doesn’t seem too bad, I mean people actually swim that!  lol….

Sea Trial

We decided to buy the boat…but we need to take it out for a see trial. Its like a test drive before you buy a car. So here we are aboard Cuajota about to go out on the Sea Trial. I still can’t believe we are buying a boat!

We went out with the owner of the boat and he showed me just about every inch of the boat. Talked about what he thought it needed and what he planned on doing as far as upgrades. Most of it was like he was talking greek to me though…lol. We went out into the ocean a bit and had the job up as well as the motor on as there wasn’t much wind at all. I could get used to this though!